Be Mindful MedRev

Be mindful MedRev (BMMR) is one of the top competitive medical billing companies in the United States. At BMMR we know that insurance is a business based on trust and that trust is built on the solid foundation of customer experience and optimizing workflow processes. We customize our solutions based on your specific type of business to help you increase your processes for the most effective workforce

We partner with your practice, clinic, and hospital using our revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions to help you grow and improve your practice so that your focus is on patient-centered care. We target the problem areas within your practice’s revenue cycle management including but not limited to medical billing outsourcing, medical billing processing, and other medical billing services to optimize the billing and coding processes.

We aim to make your practice in healthcare efficient, transparent, and effective for all. Our structured workflow and professional staff focus on tech-enabled diverse skills and solutions to ensure higher claims acceptance, greater growth, and quicker reimbursements.

We are a technology-enabled data entry, coding, and Revenue Cycle Management company providing medical billing services to Physicians, clinics, hospitals, and medical care facilities across the United States. We currently have offices in Rhode Island, Florida, California, and El Salvador.

For more information on how we can streamline and design services to save you time and money while improving your customers’ experience, please do not hesitate to contact us below:

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