Be Mindful Meds Summary

Be Mindful Meds is a Wyoming-based Based Practice Management Consulting Service with offices in Wyoming, Rhode Island, and Florida.

BMM provides practice management services to the medical healthcare industry facilitating cost savings, operational efficiencies, and improvements in patient care experience.

The Principals of Be Mindful Meds have over 60 combined years of experience in the healthcare operations, healthcare finance, and labor resource management area of the medical service community. Additionally, Be Mindful Meds has an advisory board that brings together direct medical management experience, Nurse Practitioner expertise, and hospital administrative services experience along with back-office and complex business solutions resources.

Medical credentialing services offer several benefits to healthcare providers and patients. Some of the most significant benefits of medical credentialing services include protection for facilities and patients, regulation compliance, and positive impacts on providers’ reputations as well as the approval to be reimbursed for services under patient payor contracts.Be Mindful Meds Summary.

There are three main areas  of service that Be Mindful Meds will undertake a provide as part of this engagement:

Healthcare Provider Credentialing. Healthcare provider credentialing verifies the qualifications and background of a healthcare provider.
Credentialing Maintenance. Re-credentialing or credential maintenance is the regular process of verifying that the qualifications of an employed healthcare provider are current and relevant. 
Provider Enrollment. Enrolling a healthcare provider in a health insurance plan or network is a credentialing service called provider enrollment. This service is necessary for individual providers and larger institutions. Along with verifying the healthcare provider’s qualifications and background, credentialing companies confirm that the provider meets the health plan or network’s requirements.

Our professional staff works quickly and efficiently with medical staff clients and we always remain cognisant that everyone is busy with their day-to-day tasks. 

Thank you for being part of the future.

Be Mindful Meds, LLC