The Mindful Difference

Be Mindful Meds is designed to deliver the best online Psychiatric Care Available to Students.

Welcome to Be Mindful Meds

Be Mindful Meds is available to students in the states where Be Mindful Meds operates, for those who believe they may be experiencing mental health issues and may benefit from treatment.

We offer online Psychiatrists and Psychiatric Licensed Nurse Practitioners as part of our convenient, affordable, and private video sessions and unlimited messaging, to equip students with the skills they need to feel better.

Easy Access

Students receive ongoing online care from hand-selected providers who are experts in treating mental health.

Precise and Personal Prescribing

Finding the right medication match makes all the difference

Progressive On Going Care for the Best Outcome

Every step is carefully measured so that you and your provider can make informed decisions and adjust your care until it’s right for you.



Be Mindful Meds psychiatric providers can complete a comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis, and personalized treatment plan. We’ll Prescribe medication and help the provider monitor student care, providing guidance and adjusting treatment as necessary so student’s get the best outcomes.

There’s no guarantee that our providers will write students a prescription. After evaluating a students information, our doctors only prescribe if they are confident that they will be safe, effective, and appropriate for each individual student.



The Be Mindful Meds network includes psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners who are graduates of prominent US medical schools, have several years of experience and have current licenses to practice in your state. They follow the same high clinical standards as in person care, ranging from psychiatrists, providers, and licensed therapists.


The Mindful Difference

Be Mindful Meds Providers review a patients symptoms, health history, and other considerations remotely to effectively diagnose mental health. Then, they verify their diagnosis and discuss treatment options in a conversation with you.

Delivering care online can offer the opportunity for closer monitoring and communication of treatment and progress over time. This is particularly relevant for mental health medication, as it is common for our providers to refine your dose and medication based on your individual response.